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Hypnosis is usually misrepresented and misunderstood when people ask about it, so it is important to hear the truth from an expert. At Liz Ash Hypnotherapy, I am a board-certified hypnotherapist and registered psychotherapist here in Colorado Springs. I have a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a Master of Arts in Education and have created a business to help people by using hypnotherapy. My biggest passion is education, and I am happy to help spread awareness about hypnosis as a safe and proactive tool to help people change their lives.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions and misconceptions surrounding hypnosis and hypnotherapy. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis is an induced state of consciousness in which the brain becomes open to suggestion. When you experience hypnosis, you have a heightened sense of attention and imagination, which means that you are aware of yourself and your surroundings, but your subconscious becomes engaged and connected.

Hypnotherapy is the implementation of hypnosis as a psychotherapeutic aid. Hypnotherapy is done by a certified professional to induce relaxation, concentration, attention, and awareness. Hypnotherapy can be used as a tool to break habits, cope with stress, explore feelings, uncover memories, and more, all by getting in touch with your subconscious mind.

At its core, being hypnotized feels like incredible relaxation. You are completely aware of your surroundings and can wake up any time. Simultaneously, you are aware of your body, thoughts, and feelings. You will still hear my voice guiding you through the process, and you may notice an increase in imagination because of the intense concentration.

If you are like most people, you probably have some confusion about hypnosis. Stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy have little in common! Stage hypnosis is an act performed in front of groups of people, normally for comedic effect. Hypnotherapy is closer aligned to instruction-based meditation that helps you take control of unwanted patterns, behaviors (habits), and emotion. Since one is seen by people more often, it is easy to get the two confused and develop some misconceptions about hypnosis.
At Liz Ash Hypnotherapy, hypnosis is used to help connect the conscious and subconscious mind so that they can work together to accomplish a common goal. Together, we talk about what you want to work on, how this problem (weight loss, smoking, self-confidence, anxiety, etc.) has been holding you back, and what your life would look like if the problem was solved. Hypnosis gives your mind the chance to take suggestions and implement them.

Just like any psychotherapy, everyone responds differently. While hypnosis has helped many people overcome things like anxiety, weight loss, depression, smoking, and more, hypnotherapy may not be for everyone. However, because we are dealing with the mind, hypnosis is much more effective when people have an understanding and appreciation of the science. Hypnotherapy takes time and dedication, and you must be ready to make a change in your life for it to take its full effect.

Hypnosis works for all types of behaviors or thoughts that people no longer want. There is hypnosis for anxiety, hypnosis for weight loss, hypnosis for smoking cessation, and so many more. Among these things, I also specialize in virtual gastric band hypnosis which helps the mind and body work together to lose weight. Here are some other things that hypnosis can help with:

  • Stress Management
  • Self Confidence and Image
  • Overcoming Fears and Phobias
  • Pain Management
  • Post-Surgical or Accident Recovery
  • Insomnia
  • Changing Behaviors
  • Breaking Bad Habits
  • Athletic Performance
  • & More

Because hypnotherapy is a way for our brain to remove unwanted thoughts and behaviors, it plays with our suggestive thoughts to make them something tangible that we can implement in our lives. Hypnotherapy is completely safe to do, but it is recommended to do it with a trained professional like myself. Since hypnotherapy puts oneself into a sensitive and relaxed position, you want someone who understands what they are doing to be there the whole time. Otherwise, hypnosis has no affect on your brain in a physiological way.

Hypnosis is a trance-like state that puts our bodies into a hyper focused mode which allows us to understand our complexes, or our core emotions and memories. Hypnotherapy is real in the sense that it is a way to naturally connect your behavior and thinking to work together.

The practice of hypnotherapy is completely safe when it is done by a trained professional, like myself at Liz Ash Hypnotherapist. You are in full control of everything that is happening. If you begin to feel uncomfortable at any point during the session, you can get out of the hypnosis state. Hypnosis tends to put your body in a state of relaxation making it unlikely that you will feel uncomfortable, but if you do feel that way, you may pull out at any time.

Hypnotherapy works for those that understand how it’s science works. Hypnotherapy puts our bodies into a relaxed state that will help teach it how to overcome obstacles in its life. Everyone’s case is different, so if you don’t see changes after the first time, it may mean that you need to go multiple times. I am dedicated to sitting with clients in consultations to figure out how many sessions they may need to be a part of.

As a trained professional hypnotherapist, I understand that I cannot make you do something you do not want to do. During our sessions, I will be with you at the beginning, through the journey, and right at the very end. While under hypnosis, you have complete control of your actions and have the power to wake from it whenever you feel the need to.

Virtual gastric band hypnosis is a form of hypnosis for weight loss. Normal gastric band surgery involves a patient going under and having a procedure done to suppress their hunger and help them lose weight. When it takes on the form of hypnosis, your body believes you have a band around your stomach which allows you to feel satisfied with smaller, golf ball size portions without going through any surgery. It is not a diet, just a way to empower your eating journey.

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Hypnotherapy is looked at as a spectacle due to how it is portrayed in the world. I am a certified hypnotherapist who wants to make sure you get the answers that you need. If you have any other questions pertaining to sessions, payments or hypnotherapy in general please contact me and I will be happy to help.