At Liz Ash Hypnotherapy, I am a registered psychotherapist and board-certified hypnotherapist and have made it my career goal to help people in times of need. Hypnotherapy is a way to flip the switch in someone’s brain and help them recover from many metal hardships. I know how to use hypnotherapy to help those who suffer from anxiety and lead them to a path of recovery. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders affect over 18% of the population in America every year. Not everyone who suffers from anxiety seeks the help they need, not wanting medicine to help them, but hypnotherapy is a great natural alternative to help.

What is Pain?

When we become anxious, it is usually because of an underlying stressor that we may not be aware of. It could be a traumatic moment in our childhood or the craziness of our day to day life. It could also be one specific moment that happened to us and paved the way for our subconscious to react negatively because of it.

We end up developing stressors that trigger the anxiety, creeping its way into our thoughts and thus, our actions. This trigger can become very harmful and often causes one to feel like they have nowhere to turn to; it also may cause more depressive episodes alongside the anxiety. The ADAA explains that almost half of the people who are diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with anxiety. These two things go hand in hand.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help with Pain?

So how does hypnotherapy play a role in managing anxiety? This question may come up a lot for those who want a more natural approach to curing their disorder. It is a safe and effective way to help put your mind back to before anxiety took over your life, and because I am a licensed hypnotherapist, I understand how to make that possible.

I want to make sure my clients are safe and protected throughout the session. I will put you into a state of calm and relaxation to bring your subconscious into an understanding with your conscious mind. You are never alone during these sessions and can get out of this state whenever you feel is necessary.

Hypnosis for Pain: How it Works

Hypnosis works because it is a method of relaxation to help put your body and mind into a state where they can work together. A lot of times, our critical thinking will insert negative comments into our brains that deter us from getting the help that we need. It may also not allow us to let the help that we are seeking work if it has a hard-enough grasp on our mental state. By using hypnotherapy, your subconscious and conscious mind can connect to create a balance between the triggers that cause your anxiety.

While in hypnosis, you are now able to connect your critical thinking with your behavioral actions to help with the symptoms of anxiety and even depression that you may be suffering from. I want to ensure that your experience in hypnosis is relaxing and calming. I want you to be in control of your sessions, so you never feel like something is being forced on you. I am dedicated to making sure that during and after your sessions, you can live the life you have always wanted to live.

Contact Liz Ash | Hypnosis for Pain

Dealing with anxiety every day may feel daunting and make it seem as though the world is against you. Many people want help, but they do not want to rely on medicine, they want something more natural, which is exactly what hypnotherapy is. Being a licensed hypnotherapist, I want to make sure that hypnotherapy helps in any way it can. Hypnotherapy is a natural alternative to many other ways of curing anxiety because it requires your body to become calm and connect with itself to help bring your mind at ease. Contact me, Liz Ash, for a consultation to see if hypnotherapy is right for you.