It’s All In Your Head! | The Real Secret to Weight Loss

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Feeling overwhelmed, embarrassed, confused, about your weight can be exhausting. You might feel hopeless and discouraged about being overweight and feeling fat. Feeling “fat” is a crippling emotion that frequently leads to more eating and a vicious cycle that it seems like you can’t escape.

The point is: being fat can make you feel awful, and these feelings can start to change the way you think, act, and live your life—probably not in a good way either.

But what if someone were to tell you, you can change your MIND about being fat? What if your thoughts could literally make you lose weight and feel better?

I’m here to tell you that the real problem is that you have a Stone Age brain living in a twentieth first century skull. And because of that mentality, you’re fat! The good news is that you can CHANGE and physically lose weight.

How Does Your Brain Make You Fat?

Deep within your brain reside programs or “codes” directing you to:

  1. Eat when food is available
  2. Do more of what feels good
  3. Eat socially, that’s a good thing
  4. Conserve energy
  5. When told, “Don’t do that,” you ignore and do it anyway

These codes are ancient human nature, and they have made it possible for you to survive as a species. Your species has survived and evolved to land in the twenty first century healthy and vigorous. That’s no small feat!


Why Modern-Day Diets DON’T Work

Modern-day dieting is the process of engaging willpower to ignore these codes in your subconscious mind. However, these codes exist for a reason, and your brain makes it so they are nearly impossible to disregard.

These codes are there for good reasons and extinguishing these codes has serious consequences. Your mind wants to protect you from starvation, so it has put security measures in place. However, these have just gotten out of control to the point where ignoring your body’s internal codes, causes subconscious distress.

You’re Not Fat: Your Mind is Making You Fat

Your problem is not that you’re fat. Fat is just a side effect of your brain’s default programming. Change that programming and the fat will slowly and effortlessly metabolize.


So, What’s the Secret to Weight Loss?

The answer is clear: to lose weight, you must change your mind!

The solution is to work with a hypnotherapist to help you change your relationship with food deep in the programmingAll  of your subconscious mind.

Okay, I get it, to a hammer everything looks like a nail and to a hypnotherapist every problem can be solved by hypnosis. I openly confess my bias as a hypnotherapist in Colorado Springs myself, but working with a really good hypnotherapist can be a powerful way to get some fresh perspectives. You need practical tools for managing your weight and coming up with a plan for doing so consistently.


How Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss Work?

As a hypnotherapist, I look at the ways the brain works. It’s a totally different approach to weight loss and that’s why it works. I never try to extinguish old programs in your mind rather I help you establish new more motivating programs.

These new programs override the old programs because they are motivating. Remember the code, do more of what feels good.

Well… it turns out that it feels good to get results! It feels good to be motivated, hopeful, energized, happy, so it is easy for your mind to run these programs. In fact they practically run themselves and it is fun. Since when has dieting been fun?


Ready to Change Your Mind, Change Your Life, and Lose Weight For Good? Contact Me: Liz Ash Hypnotherapist

Isn’t it about time you changed your mind, returned to good health and stopped the cycle of despair over your weight? Give me a call. As a professional hypnotherapist in Colorado Springs, I specialize in hypnosis for weight loss. I have received many certifications and completed many training modules for this exact problem, and the life-changing results are stunning. So contact me at Liz Ash Hypnotherapist. Let’s talk, because results matter.